About us!

We are just your above-average crazy Podcast crew!


To the greatest Podcast to ever make it’s way into the universe. But the main question is, who are we? Well ladies and gents, this tale begins 5 years ago, in a small retail store on the threshold of closing down for good. This story… Our story, started at Target Canada…

On January 15, 2015, Target Canada announced that it would close all 133 of its Canadian stores.

Like Dumbledore's Phoenix rising from the ashes, so did...

The GeekVerse Podcast!

Too poetic...?

The Crew

After the closure, a small few of us decided to stay in touch. Having a shared passion for film and video games, it was that same passion that formed the pillars for our Podcast. Sure enough, after 1 E3 convention weekend, it was decided that we would join together to create the GeekVerse!

We're all family here.

With Travis, Dylan, Taylor, Kirklin & Jessica leading the charge, together they bring a variety of perspectives and laughs flowing straight into your ear holes!