Welcome to the Alliance!

Thanks to Spreaker, we got all our friends shows together at last!
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What is the Alliance?

To put it simply, the Alliance is the culmination of over 3 years of planning and hard work. The result? 5 days straight of Podcast content, Monday – Friday, every week. With brand new hosts, and amazing new topics. These new podcasts are only the beginning, so dive in and enjoy, we sure will!


Our Latest Episode is Live!

Between Monday to Friday, each Podcast has a variety of topics and episodes they will be posting here for you! So sit back, and click in to see the Networks latest episode!

"Earths mightiest Podcasters"

slice of film

Slice of Film

Join host Katie every other week as she covers films of all genres! Tackling a list of films she’s never seen, and sprinkling in some others. Got a favourite film? Let’s tackle it together! Katie’s joined every episode with a guest that has suggested the film.

Star Wars Alliance:

Every other week, Katie will tackle all things Star Wars with a quest or two. From news, books, tv, film and a sprinkle of comics. You’ll be able to hear thoughts from passionate fans as they discuss their favourite spots in a galaxy far, far away!

star wars alliance
dc alliance

DC Alliance:

Nathan and Greg cover everything DC, week by week. News, movies, television, comics and everything else in the Watchtower archives! We have Zeta tube clearance to every corner of the multiverse, so we won’t miss much. One of our favourite things is being interactive with fan questions and having quests on the show. If you are a DC fan, this will be a show you won’t want to miss!

Marvel Alliance:

Each week, Chris and Travis talk all things Marvel, from the comics, TV, and movies. They will share their opinions on all big news that comes out each week and bring in some fun discussion topics that celebrate why they love the Marvel Universe. Alliance Assemble!

marvel alliance
worlds finest true believers

World’s Finest True Believers

Each episode a guest and Chris will discuss one of the guest’s favourite comic book arcs or graphic novels from any publisher. They do a deep dive into the creators, the background of the arc or graphic novels creation, the guest’s favourite parts, and the impact the work had on the guest.

Superhero Discussions

Superhero Discussions is a show that takes an in-depth look at the very best in the world of animation! From television to movies, DC to Marvel, classic to current. As long as it’s animated, Travis will cover it!

superhero discussions

Want More Content?

The Network has so much more content in the works, just for you. The Alliance has a lot in store, with the support from the Geekverse, there is nothing this group of podcasters cannot do! By joining the Networks Patreon, you get access to exclusive submissions, and early episodes when launched.