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Patreon is the best way to directly support us at Geekverse and to help us grow not only with our gear but with the number of podcast episodes we release as well!

Some of the magnificent Patreon exclusive content available is as follows…


Reviewing Films, TV Shows, or franchises from the past Catwoman, Howard The Duck, The Hobbit Trilogy, Casino Royale (Daniel Craig Bones Coming 2021).

Commentary Tracks

Spider-Man 2004, Mortal Kombat, Suicide Squad, The Mummy 1999, Star Wars Holiday Special, Jingle All The Way.

All of these exclusive episodes plus the benefits of Ad-Free access to every Geekverse episode. So from picking films for us to review, joining in for watch alongs or even joining us on our listener call-in show After 9, we have tons of perks and benefits to get you the best bang for your buck!

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-Submit Movies For Our Retrospective/Commentary Track Polls
-Watch Commentary Tracks Recordings Live
-All Phase 1 & 2 Benefits

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You’re Supporting GeekVerse & Helping Us Grow

– Watch A Movie With The GeekVerse!
**We’ll Zoom you in and you get to guest on one commentary track of your choice.**
– Send In Your Reviews For Movies And Video Games We Review & We’ll Read Them On-Air!
– Put Movies Into Our Patron Choice Polls For Retrospectives & Commentary Tracks
– Send In Topics And Questions Every Week
– Get Shouted Out As A Producer Each Episode
– All Phase 1, 2, & 3 Benefits

$15 a month

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With all this great content coming at you, you better believe theirs more. For our most loyal fans, we make sure to keep some exclusive content and early released content specifically for you via Patreon. With several tiers to join in on, not only does each tier vary in rewards, but it also comes with a guarantee that the hard-earned dollars you send to us go straight into the GeekVerse setup to give you a better quality experience, via audio and/or video!